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Supply List  
Paints:* In brands that you already have:
3 Blues as close as possible to ultramarine, thalo, and cobalt
2 yellows as close as possible to lemon yellow and cadmium yellow light
2 reds as close as  possible to vermillion and magenta
Ivory Black
Winsor Newton Burnt sienna if you have it. If not we will discuss in class
Bring any other pigments you like to use.
*If buying I recommend high quality major brands i.e. Winsor Newton, Holbein, Daniel Smith and some others. If you are beginning and have no supplies, I have, for sale, sets of Maries – an inexpensive and  reasonable quality paint that will do for this class to test the waters and then go on to the better brands. That said, I would strongly recommend the better brands if you can afford them.
Brushes: (same for oils or acrylics except bristle for oil, synthetic for acrylic)    2” flat wash, sable or sabline    1” aquarelle flat sable or sabline     # 2 round sable or sabline     old brush for use with India ink ½ -1” or large round     others you may have
Paper support:           16 x 20” plexiglass  or other waterproof
2 Water containers : Hold 2 cup minimum of water i.e. cool whip containers
Paper: (call for oils and acrylics painting ground info) 
1 ½  sheets  Arches 300# cold press 22x30” (Can buy from me if you need)
Watercolor tablet 8 ½ x 11” or 11 x 14” 140# cold pressNote paperSketch pad  about 5x7” or larger
3 ring notebook:1” or deeper
Palette: will provide for class. To be returned at end of classes.
Other stuff: One or two photos for paintings reference
 Paper towels, Tissues –small box,
Masking Tape – ¾ - 1” ( original color)
Ruler 12-18”,
Roll of Toilet tissue cheap, single ply,
Sea sponge (best)or other
Pencils: HB and 2B


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Watercolor Techniques Workshop Supply List
You will need
  • Winsor Newton (WN) Burnt Sienna
  • WN Sepia
  • WN Sap Green

The following are WN except where noted and are a minimum palette.  Any equivalent, high quality brands from your usual palette are suitable.  You do not need to  buy specifically WN other than the three mentiuoned above. 

  • Winsor Red
  • Quinacridone Magenta -Daniel Smith
  • Winsor Yellow
  • Winsor Yellow Deep
  • Yellow Ochre
  •  Thalo Blue
  • Ultramarine Blue

Nice to have:

  • Raw Sienna
  • Cerulean Blue
  • Perinone Orange (Daniel Smith- I use this a lot. It's costly)

If you use other brands than suggested above compare each with its counterpart  for the following properties:

  • transparency/opacity
  • staining/non-staining
  • granulation

Brushes  I recommend synthetic , sable or combination and minimum of

  • 1 1/2" or 2" wash brush ( 2" preferred)
  • #-4 and  #8 round s
  • 1" or 3/4" flat or auarelle (aquarelle preferred)
  • #1 or #2 rigger
  • 1/4" and 1/8" scrubbers
  • A wide variety of brushes is important


  • 2 sheets (22x30")  300# Arches cold press
  • 1 - 8x10" or 9x12" watercolor pad any brand
  • 1 - 5x7" or 8x10" spiral bound sketch book or pad

Paper Support

  • 18x24" plexiglas (Mathews Glass or any glass supplier)


  • Stephen Quiller Traveler is great
  • Your favorite

Other stuff  Please let this list be a guide.

  • Your usual supplies and equipment
  • 1- light gray watercolor pencil ( not a drawing pencil)
  • 1 roll cheapest toilet tissue - dollar store
  • 1- handi wipe (albertsons) or maybe safeway
  • 2 - spring clips
  • 1 - white plastic eraser ( staedtler type)
  • hb pencil
  • large natural sponge (walmart)
  • 2 watercontainers, pint size
  • masking tape (white, cream or off white)
  • paper towels
  • tissues
  • 1 three ring notebook

Call me if you have questions.