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                “Behind the Scene”                                     


"Behind the Scene"     

 Instructor - dStanderwick  

  Watercolor, Oil and Acrylic Artist for  more than 50 years.* 
 Dates: Thursdays, May 8-June 12, 2014 (once weekly) Time:  1-4 pm
 Place: LARC Gallery classroom
 Fee:$120.00 **
Class limited to 10. First come first serve
Media: Watercolor, oils, acrylics (class set up primarily for watercolor; adaptations will be made for  oil and acrylics) 

 A six week course  presenting knowledge and skills needed to create a successful  painting. “Behind the Scene” you paint is your knowledge and skill , that nobody sees, with which you create each painting . They see only the result.This is a class of intensive study, exercises, and painting to acquire or renew your knowledge and skills. There will be home work.

It can help you to improve and strengthen your work. Just as one must have a solid foundation and framework to build a structure so must one build a solid foundation and framework to become an artist. There is “Behind the Scene” information and skills which apply to all media and that one should acquire as they begin their journey to become a watercolorist or artist in any medium. Those who are already painting at various levels may find these classes helpful to fill in information and skills missed as their journey has progressed.
Primarily for watercolor but will be adjusted for any oil or acrylic painters. 
Class outline: (order of presentation may vary)
 I. Introduction                                                   IV.  Techniques
     a. Supplies                                                             a. Washes
     b. Pigment properties                                              b. Brush work 
     c. Color mixes                                                        c. Thumbnail for 3 color painting
     d. Wash techniques                                                 d. Home work 
     e. Your palette
     f. Homework                                                    V.   Perspective & Composition
II. Values                                                                       a. Thumbnails illustrating per.
      a. Value scale                                                           b. Thumbnail for large painting
      b. Your Color Wheel                                                 3-5 color painting
      d. Thumbnail sketching                                              c. Homework
      e. Thumbnail & Value Painting

    f. Homework  

III. More Values                                                     VI    a.  Textures intro
       a. Two color scales                                                  b.  New subject painting
       b. Values, tints, shades                                             c. Loose ends  
       c. Washes – two color                                             d. Upcoming classes/workshops 
       d. Thumbnail & Two color painting 
       e. Homework
**Not refundable  after April 16, 2014
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